The Griffin's Den

Distinctive lettering and illumination by Mary Griffin


Turn around time

Accessory Cards

Addressing Envelopes

  1. Must I type the list?

    Address lists must be typed, preferably in 10 point, not handwritten.

    Please use correct format for formal address exactly as you wish it to appear on the envelope. Outer and, if applicable, inner envelopes as well.

  2. How many extra envelopes should be provided?

    Order at least 10% extra envelopes.

  3. How much will it cost?

    Pricing may vary depending upon additional preparation of envelopes for lettering. Basic price for outer and inner envelope range from $3.00 per wedding set.(outer and inner envelope) in black ink. Gold, silver, white, or colored inks will have 25% upcharge.

  4. What about last minute additions to the list?

    Any additions after the due date for your order will be charged $25.00 added to final cost.

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Turn around time

  1. How much time do you need?

    The Griffin's Den can complete an order of +/-100 wedding sets in 5 days. I will likely have them completed before the notified due date. Any additions and changes after the due date will have an added charge of $25.00. Rush orders will be accepted provided there is time available in my schedule. Please add $50.00 to final cost for less than 5 days delivery.

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Accessory Cards

  1. How much will they cost?

    Escort Cards, Table Cards / Name and table number(numerical)$1.00

    Escort Card, Table Cards/Name and table number in word form $1.25

    Place Cards $1.00

    Table Numbers $1.50

    Table Name $2.50

    Dessert and menu items $1.00 per

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